Decoding the ancient astronomy of Stonehenge - Vox
The Stonehenge monument in England is known for its alignment with the summer solstice sunrise, and a is popular destination for revelers welcoming the longest day of the year. The inner “horseshoe” of the monument opens toward the point on the horizon 
Sexist Comments Spark Outrage at Major Astronomy Festival - Motherboard
The Starmus Festival is now in full swing in Trondheim, Norway, with artists, scientists, and other thinkers gathered around topics relating to space exploration and astronomy. Already, Stephen Hawking has made headlines there for suggesting that
Bringing the stars to LOTO -- local astronomers recognized for astronomy outreach -
They're not much to look at when you pull up, but they are the main hub of the Camden County Astronomy Club, hosting a 20-inch telescope and a 14-inch telescope. The founders of the club, Jim and Ginny Strogen, weren't originally lake natives, but they 
Astronomy Festival On The Mountains - WesternSlopeNow
GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. - Star Gazers unite! It's time for the 8th Annual Astronomy Festival starting today and lasting until this Saturday, the 24th, at Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park. Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park was
Bringing astronomy down to earth - Mountain View Voice
For the last 45 years, astronomy professor Andrew Fraknoi has made it his mission to translate groundbreaking astronomical studies and the complex inner workings of the cosmos into everyday language. If a spectacular discovery about new earth-like 
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Astronomical summer began just after midnight. The strongest solar rays of the year are felt across the Northern Hemisphere. Meanwhile, winter begins in the ...and more »
A bright protostar lit up its sibling to life | - Astronomy Magazine
Like a flame to a candle, HOPS 108 is not burning bright thanks to its big sister.and more »
India's First Astronomy Resort in Rajasthan is A Star-Gazer's Dream Come True - NDTV Food
Astroport Sariska is a place for astronomy enthusiasts and nature lovers. It is believed to be the first Space and Astronomy themed resort and activity centre in India and also South Asia. The resort was founded by an astronomer and wildlife enthusiast
Mobile Stargazing: Binocular Astronomy Tips and Targets for Summer 2017 -
In the Oct. 21, 2016, edition of Mobile Astronomy, we examined how to use binoculars for astronomy, explained how they work and what to shop for, and suggested some night-sky objects to look at. This time, we'll cover some tips for making binoculars
India's First Astronomy Resort In Rajasthan Is Every Stargazer's ... -
This article is about astronomy resort in Rajasthan and its probably one of the best places in India to go star gazing right now