Ready for totality: Eclipse education the focus for Astronomy Day at the Library - Corvallis Gazette Times
Tom Carrico, president of the Heart of the Valley Astronomy Club, shades a telescope's viewpiece to better allow Brooke Baarda to view the sun through a special filter during Astronomy Day at the Corvallis-Benton County Public Library on Saturday.and more »
The annual Astronomy Day was out of this world | Free | - The Exponent Telegram (press release) (registration)
CLARKSBRUG— Outer space came a little closer to home Saturday, thanks to the Central Appalachian Astronomy Club
Spring Astronomy Day 2017! - Sky & Telescope - Sky & Telescope
Don't have any weekend plans? You do now! Join your local amateur astronomy community in celebrating Spring Astronomy Day, Saturday April 29th
Where Astronomy and Gastronomy Meet - Scientific American Blog ... - Scientific American (blog)
To help people grasp the cosmos through senses other than sight, a scientist and a team of chefs are creating simple, elegant (and edible) metaphors for some ...and more »
Goss: A curious crow flies low in the south - Roanoke Times
“The Antennae” is actually two galaxies seen in collision, reminiscent of what astronomers envision how the meeting of our Milky Way galaxy and the Andromeda Galaxy will appear as they merge in another four billion years. (See this galactic wreck at: 
First look at Apollo Saturn V rocket set - Astronomy Magazine
LEGO announced last year that the Apollo Saturn V rocket would be turned into an official LEGO set thanks to a submission on LEGO Ideas. The Lego set now has a release date and some first look images. The rocket model is more than three feet (one meter ...and more »
This cosmic Cold Spot challenges our current cosmological model ... - Astronomy Magazine
Astronomers have ruled out a likely explanation for the phenomenon, possibly hinting at a bizarre origin
Celebrate National Astronomy Day in Bay City this weekend -
BAY CITY, MI -- The Delta College Planetarium in Bay City is celebrating a nationally recognized day with an out-of-this-world event this weekend. The planetarium is celebrating National Astronomy Day on Saturday, April 29 from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. at its 
How to view solar eclipse 2017? Springfield Museums Astronomy Day will offer tips -
08.31.1932 | NEW YORK -- Eclipse watchers squint through protective film as they view a partial eclipse of the sun from the top deck of New York's Empire State Building in New York. Some of them are not properly protecting their eyes. To learn how to
A chance event reveals a frigid oddball planet - Astronomy Magazine
Things are cold on OGLE-2016-BLG-1195Lb, but to astronomers, its discovery is red hot. That's because it is the smallest planet ever detected through gravitational microlensing, a quirk of physics that briefly makes distant objects appear brighter when